Friday, August 29, 2008

So Little Time.......

Well, I'm still on 'vacation'......although I did land an awesome job! I'll be working for Jadoo Power-a company that works with Hydrogen as an alternative source of fuel. I'll be their assistance research chemist. I start Sept. 10. While I'm here and doing all of those necessary evils (car registration, change of address, finding my way around, etc.), I have still found time to discover the night life in Sacramento.......slightly different than that of Utah......just slightly :) I've met some cool people and have fallen in love with the 'City of Trees''s absolutely amazing how many trees Sac has!
And as for tomorrow.......I start racing again! My first races as a Cat 3......see you later!

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Joshua said...

You look adorable and like you are having fun! Good luck tomorrow on your race! Love you